How I Met my Blog Name

So I know that everyone is probably like, what was the point of you doing that poll on facebook if you were just going to call your blog this AWESOME name, Never Ghana Give You Up.  Like why did I not put this name in the poll?  Well, I hadn’t thought of it yet.  And here we are with my short treatise on choosing names for things.

I’m big on names.  I like to name things.  My two cars, Kostos and Desmond, both had very similar naming processes, and ended up with perfect names.  In case you haven’t met Kostos or Desmond, Kostos is a maroon ’92 Buick LeSabre, and Desmond is a light blue ’92 Buick LeSabre.  Those of you who HAVE met either of my cars can attest that both have perfect names.  Perfect names are a big thing for me, if you haven’t gathered that already.  The thing about a perfect name is, much like a perfect costume for a theme party, you know when you find it.  I’m not saying that there is only one perfect name for everything, but when you hit on a possible perfect name, you just know.  You know the way you know about a good melon.  WHMS.  Lizzy Petersen, I hope you read this.

Anyway, so I had the names that I had come up with before, because I knew I wanted either A. a Ghana pun (i.e. what I named it), B. something personal and funny about me (Searching for Leo in Ghana) or C.) something that infuses the word Ghana in something I like (How I met your Ghana) (How your Mother met Ghana would also have been funny, now that I think of it.) Anyway, I thought of lots of examples of B and C, and people voted for them, as well as Adam Ghovayzis great pun idea, but even with the poll, I couldn’t make myself start the blog.  It wasn’t perfect.  Just like I couldn’t start the blog four weeks ago when I thought, why don’t I just call it “Will I find Wolf Shirts in Ghana” (that IS the question of the hour after all.)  What I’m saying is, these were all great names, but none of them were THE name.

Now why, you ask, were these names that relate so well to my personality not perfect, and Never Ghana Give You Up was?  The answer?  I don’t really know.  What I do know is, it fit, and I knew, the way you know about a good melon.  The poll became obsolete (as let’s be honest, most polls are, because we are usually just trying to confirm our secret inclinations with popular opinion) and Never Ghana Give You Up was finally born.


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