Things I will Miss about America Et Cetera

In one week I will be on a plane to Ghana, via Amsterdam. You would think that I would be doing a lot of preparation or freaking out or living life in Wisconsin to the fullest at this point…nope to all.  Instead, I am sleeping a lot, watching a fair amount of TV, wasting a lot of time doing absolutely nothing, and occasionally putting some clothes into my luggage of choice: a rolling duffle bag with backpack straps.  Yes, instead of choosing a type of luggage, I did manage to pick something that combines ALL of the types.  To get more specific into these activities, I have just finished season five of Dexter, THE BEST SEASON OF TELEVISION EVER.  With Rita gone (hated her, Sorry I’m not sorry) everything became awesome with Julia Stiles as the best guest star EVER, Jordan Chase as the creepiest villian EVER and a summer camp in the creepiest role of summer camp in popular television EVER.  Season 5 is also what I’ve dubbed ‘Power Couple Season’ because we had the great tension between Dexter & Lumen (don’t talk to me about her leaving.  I’m pretending it didn’t happen), the rocky marriage of Maria LaGuerta and Angel Batista, and, obviously my favorite (thing ever), Deb and Quinn being the greatest thing.  No more words, just the greatest thing.  Great.Est.Thing.  No, stop, the point of this is not to wax poetic about how much I love season 5 of Dexter.

The point is to list all the things that I am going to miss about my current life when I am in Ghana.  The goal being, if I list them I will not think about them as much when I am actually there because I will be so busy living in the moment and changing my perspective on life and embracing the culture yada-yada-yada.

In NO PARTICULAR ORDER, please remember, NO PARTICULAR ORDER, things I will miss when I am in Ghana:

My dog

I don’t know whether to count things that I would be missing anyway because I’d be at school, but really, not having my dog around is just depressing.  And I already have pretty constant fears about my dog dying while I’m in college, what if my dog died while I was in AFRICA?!  Not only would I not be able to come back, I would also probably not know about it for…well, it’s undetermined how often I will be able to use the internet.  To be honest, I don’t actually WALK my dog as much as I should, but I spend a lot of my hours spent doing nothing staring at her face and petting her head.  I also occupy my time with feeding her table scraps, trying to make her jump over things, and lying next to her on the ground until she punches me in the face with her paw.


Oh my god I can’t talk about it I’m already depressed.  Dear everyone who still secretly or not so secretly judges me for being in a sorority, fuck you and go stuff your ears with spaghetti while I say this part, because I will not tolerate your fun-making today.

Anyway, I get really really really upset every time I think about the fact that I am missing a semester of Beta, and the only thing that makes me feel okay about it is imagining my picture with a little string connecting it to Ghana on the abroad map and the knowledge that I will have a new member class to stalk on facebook from the Internet cafes come October.  Already calling it, they will know me like a BFF before they ever meet me because I will be constantly (again, constantly is a relative term) writing on their walls and making them be my best friends.  But back to my depression.  What am I going to do in Ghana without fifty-odd beautiful funny awkward hilarious crazy women by my side to go on adventures with?  I love the structure that Beta gives to my life and I predict that my internal clock will still remind me every time I would be doing something Beta related.  I will check my weird track phone that I will apparently receive from SIT for texts about early bird dinner.  Shelby Mann, you best be ready to run the Becca Schuh Abroad Fan Club like a boss because I will be running the Beta Fan Club Population 1 in Ghana like the bossiest of the bosses.

My Computer

This is already a point of contention in my life, so don’t tell me to bring it.  I will put a campfire out with your face if you tell me to bring it.  I’m not bringing it.  I am going to be learning to live without my dependency on technology, I am not going to have internet access anyway, it would break, it’s too heavy, I like handwriting better anyway.  But still, I’m really going to miss it.  You kinda take these things for granted, ya know?  Having five seasons of Dexter and six seasons of Lost available every time you can’t sleep.  Taking pictures of yourself with a webcam.  Free mp3s everywhere you go.  The nice picture from Buffest of me and Gaelan Harmon-Walker staring at me from my desktop every time I open it.  All of youtube is just THERE!  The ability to go back and investigate specific tiny little events from your life that happened one year and five months and eight days ago and facebook wall posts solving the mysteries for you.  Basically, the computer is a nice distraction tool all the time.  A lot of the time I don’t even feel like I need to go on it, I’m just so BORED and the computer is just THERE.  But LUCKILY, lots of interesting, fascinating, and cool just fucking cool things will be happening in Ghana to keep me busy, so I won’t NEED the computer!  Yay!  Great outlook on life!

Ice Cream

Culvers Dairy Queen Coldstone FromtheGroceryStore Ohana’s ALL OF THE ICE CREAM ALL OF THE ICE CREAM.  I mean, I go get ice cream at least 3-5 times a week while I’m home.  Go ahead, judge me.  I don’t care, I had to fatten up for the weight I will lose when I can’t be constantly stuffing my face with food.

Every tiny little thing about Radlands

Giving tours.  Walking to class. The commons.  Omelet mornings.  Longlonglong nights in Peppers.  Late night walks everywhere.  The long commute between complex, the Beta house, and Brockton.  Opening my mailbox.  My keys.  Keys in general.  California air.  Always being covered in paint.  Running into everyone all the time because the school is so small.  Uclub appetizers.  Meeting new freshman.  Rollerblading around campus.  Going to Forevs far too often.  Spitting game at professors.  The Plaza.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS.

I might not keep it anyway, because I’m still annoyed and don’t want to pay more, but in summer I have finally started to utilize my subscription and I just want to be able to pick a new movie ever few days and watch it.  But it’s fine, I’m over it.  I probably won’t take you back in January anyway you mean mean moneystealer.

Buffalo, Buffalove, The House.

I can’t talk about it.  All I can say is what Rachel said in Friends: “Because it is too damn hard Ross. I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I’m gonna miss you. When I think about not seeing you every day, it makes me not want to go…” If this isn’t good enough for you, then you clearly haven’t watched enough of the second to last episode of Friends. 

Okay, I’m done with the depressing.  Honestly though, I’m so so so excited.  I just wish that time would pass faster, but that’s hard when I do absolutely nothing but sit around.  If I hadn’t decided so long ago that this was for sure what I was going to do (and we don’t count the hiccup) then it might be more difficult for me, but I’ve been planning on going abroad first semester junior year since about when college started, and planning on going to Africa since early last summer.  It’s been a pretty set in stone thing in my head for quite a while, and even though I will miss all these things, I promise that I will not waste too much time in Ghana fretting over them.  This will be made all the easier by my lack of a computer!  Yay!



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