The Best Quotes of the Year

Before I embark on a new year starting with the newest of the new things, my semester in Ghana, I decided that I must transcribe to this blog some of the funniest things my friends have said over the past year of school.  Sadly, I was only recording quotes on my phone second semester and I probably didn’t write down the funniest of them all…so really this is less me transcribing the funniest things said and more me transcribing the things I had the afterthought in the moment to write down in the notes app on my phone.

“It’s nine PM…the witching hour.” Carly Brownsberger

“I love nicknames for guns” – Victoria Beckley

“I’m gonna kill them…later in life” Ellen Parkin

“You’re like the person in the courtroom who takes notes!  PAY ATTENTION!” Phil Jackson

“I wonder if I make loud noises if I can scare people” Ariel Glazer

“Sweeping is so nice!  It’s just a natural extension of your arm that cleans.” Victoria Beckley

“Oh yeah…gravity.” Suzie Silva (one must keep in mind that this was said with a pained expression on her face…in an elevator)

“The cops will never hurt me.” Ariel Glazer

“I don’t want exercise.  I want love.” Ariel Glazer

“I’ve never drunk dialed anyone in my life and then who do I call?!  My father!!” Victoria Beckley

“Nothing worse than toast on my head.” Victoria Beckley

“I guess if I were a ballerina I would want to be naked.” Victoria Beckley

“I’ve always wanted to try a roofie.” James Greene

“Beepers!  He sells beepers!  The most important of jobs.” Natasha Giusti

“You can leave!  Treasure mammal lives here!” Lauren Hohle

“He’s a schmoozy Mcschmooze face just put away your smile I don’t wanna see it!”  Lizzy Petersen

There, the funniest things that I had the presence of mind to record in my phone.  Perhaps later I will make an entry with the funniest moments that cannot be immortalized by a single quote.  I.E.  SLASHDANCE.


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