Things To Do When You Miss Me

If you aren’t going to miss me when I’m in Ghana, please immediately disregard this blog post.

If you are going to miss me, here is a list of things to do when you miss me.

Write me letters

Rebecca Schuh
c/o SIT Study Abroad Ghana
Institute of African Studies (Affiliate)
University of Ghana
P.O. Box 73
Legon, Ghana

Look, there is my address!  The postage is 98 cents.  Really this is the most productive thing to do if you miss me.  You get to basically talk to me, you get to make me into the HAPPIEST GIRL, and then you get to receive a letter back from me!  WOW!  This sounds like the best thing to do ever.

Take pictures of yourself doing fun things and post them on facebook so I will have interesting things to look at when I am on facebook

This is a double whammy because YOU get to go out and do fun things and then I get to go look at you doing them online!  Nothing will make me happier than going on facebook and having lots of pictures to stalk.  You get bonus points if you are Amber Stessy or Kelli and you wear my clothes out and take pictures in them.

Watch Titanic and prepare for the epic party that will be the re-release of Titanic in 3D

I mean I know that it will be really hard for you all to watch Titanic without my teary eyed commentary, but it is one of the best ways to feel close to me even when I am thousands/millions of miles away.

Watch Dexter/HIMYM/Friends/Boy Meets World/other television shows I love

And send me emails filled with references to these things.  But not with the new seasons of Dexter or HIMYM or I’ll kill  you.

Eat a cupcake or Icecream

I’m really going to miss cupcakes and ice cream.  Possibly more than any other food.  Besides bagels and cream cheese and salsa and commons pasta and burritos and burrito bowls and tamales and…okay.  But I’m really going to miss cupcakes and ice cream.  So eat them for me, go out to Culver’s and Coldstone and Dairy Queen and Ohana’s and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TO GO GIGI’S CUPCAKES and eat your heart out with me in mind.  And then maybe send me and email about how tasty it was.

Shop at Forever 21, If you are in California.  In Wisconsin, don’t bother.

I can’t so you must.  And if you just walk around and pick out ton of white lacey things, it will basically be like I am there.

Play Which Friends Character/Harry Potter character/ETC would we be

No better way to feel like I am in your midst to play games placing yourself as characters in TV books and movies.

Make up songs relating to everything  you do

Seriously, want to feel like I’m there?  Pick up all my annoying habits. (Yes I just watched the episode of HIMYM where Marshall does this, but I swear I do it too)

Tell pointless stories that are fragmented and seem to be going nowhere until they come to a random conclusion

ACs anyone? Buffalo midnight? This one time at horse camp?  Avoiding the soup at the commons?  More times that I do this?

Think about how much you love Redlands/Johnston/Beta/Adhosting

If you don’t go to Redlands, can’t help you with this one.  But I spend a lot of my time loving these things and talking about how much I love them so seems that if you do too you will feel closer to me.

Don’t wash your hair or shave your legs

Having me around is sounding less and less appetizing isn’t it?

Learn Sign Language

Then you can teach it to me when I get back!

And a few more….

Read The Time Traveler’s Wife, Steal paint samples from hardware stores to look at the pretty colors, Run down the hall ‘so you can remember what it feels like to run’, Attempt to read Ulysses, Make campfire gummy bears, Light candles and then mold the hot wax, Think of all your favorite cleaning techniques and then teach them to me, Walk around Redlands and marvel at how great it is, Paint cups, Sleep through all of your commitments, Take a nap everyday, Watch Twin Peaks on instant watch on Netflix, send Netflix complaining emails, Become friends with someone in Greek Life if you are in Johnston and become friends with someone in Johnston if you are in Greek life, Make pop culture references in literature classes, Forget your meal card and sneak into the commons, Compliment people on their contrasting hair and clothing colors, EAT FAST FOOD, and, in case you forgot…

Write me letters.

Rebecca Schuh
c/o SIT Study Abroad Ghana
Institute of African Studies (Affiliate)
University of Ghana
P.O. Box 73
Legon, Ghana



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