The Class that Brought Ice-ing to Ghana

I want to make this post short because I am sleepy, I am sleepy, and sometimes when they are really long I feel annoying.  But that will probably be a lie, similar to the time I said ‘As usual I will make this AC short and sweet.”

I will begin with an analogy.  This is what studying abroad in Africa is like.  You are eating a meal. The food is tasty, but not what you are used to.  It is a large plate all of the same food, and you cannot protest and get a smaller plate.  You begin to eat with gusto.  The food is starting to not taste so good.  It is still fine, but you slow down, and suddenly, it is getting really hard to chew.  You don’t know if you can continue to swallow, but somehow you manage.  You think that if you eat a little bit more, it will be okay.  No, no, you are being scolded to eat more.  You can’t do it, swallowing is the worst thing that has ever happened, to chew one bite takes thirty seconds, you just want it to be over, you are separating your food into small chunks like a child, you are developing mantras in your head for how to handle it, and finally, you have an acceptable amount left and are allowed to stop.  Breathe, it’s okay, you will be fine, oh and you get a reward?!  What is it???

More food. Your reward is more food.  And the cycle begins again.

Oh wait did I say analogy?  That is just my life.  But listen to the humor please.  In general I really do like the food, but 18 yams later I just can’t eat another one.  The thing is, it’s all good, but if you know me you know that I can’t eat a huge serving of ANYTHING.  Alas, no one gives a shit.  At least my stomach is expanding from the forced eating?  So much for losing weight.

  1.  On Monday me and my homestay partner were waiting at our taxi stop and three of our teachers pulled up in a taxi and told us to get in.  This was excellent.  I love our teachers.  It was the best of mornings.
  2. I am so bad at Twi.  We have a quiz in the morning and I have only studied a little bit, but also I just suck.
  3. Today at lunch there was 2 for 1 pizza at a pizza place, yes there is a pizza place by campus.  It was the best thing.  I ate a whole pizza and two ice creams.  My body had forgotten dairy so that was unpleasant but it was so worth it.
  4. I like things that occupy my brain.  My brain is like a mulitlane highway and it needs to have lots of cars.  When I don’t have enough to occupy my brain, my brain finds itself things to occupy it.  Sometimes I am lucky and it decides that drawing or writing would be a good occupation.  But sometimes, it decides that worrying about things that I have no control over in the future is what it wants to do to control the highway.  Of course it doesn’t want to dwell on anything relevant in Ghana, which is good I guess because it means I’m still not scared of things here, but it’s annoying in that I’m like what?  Can’t we just not?  Brain and I are working on this, but I would love for a day to be one of those people who just has a normal two lane highway for a brain instead of an LA freeway, or, you know, the autobahn.
  5. We made batik yesterday.  It was one of the best things.  I wish we did more art.  There are a lot of lectures in the afternoon and less hands on things, which is really hard for me.  Even my lectures at school are discussion based so I haven’t had to deal with someone talking at me for a long time.  I’m having trouble with it to be honest.  This academic style is really hard for me to get used to in general because we’re in class for a million hours every day and doing things that don’t occupy me in the way that painting, writing classes, and really any discussions do or did.  I’m doing my best to work with it but it is a challenge.
  6. Soon I will write an entry detailing the hilariously horrible life that my homestay partner and I lead with Bet, the 4 year old terror of Madina Estate.
  7. I thought I had a lot more to say but actually I’m too tired to live.  I think I just really wanted that fake analogy.

Oh!  To end!  My title!

You know icing?  Like with Smirnoff ice?  Guess who brought that to Ghana?  These guys.  Today we iced KWAME, a guy told him to open his backpack to look for a packet, and BAM, there was the Smirn.  Luckily we had already explained Icing to KWAME so he was ready, and MAN did he take it like a champion.  I have pictures which I will upload later.  Probably the best thing to happen thus far on the trip.  Or at least up there.


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