everyone is allowed to complain on occasion, so don’t say “I’m sorry” or I’ll run you over with a tro-tro


I don’t really know what happened with that last blog entry.  What is my life.  Except I know that it contained a lot more mumbo jumbo about Hoofbeat than what I actually posted which is really embarrassing for me to read but thus is my life.  In further updates, the pot pitcher poop thing I made was DESTROYED BY THE POTTERY LADIES, fuck those bitches.  Really who just DECIDES which pots made by students to throw away?  In the US that would mean YEARS of therapy.  Except actually all of this indignancy is fake because it was literally the worst thing I have ever created.  It all goes in with my favorite thing to fake, the douchebag artist who’s like “But guys it’s just all ART, you need to understand the PROCESS” a la the art critic in the acclaimed documentary Who the @#%# is Jackson Pollack?!  That’s actually not a very good example of my art douchebag voice but I’ll come up with a better one later.  Lucky for me I’ve actually gotten to hear some phrases like this come out of peoples mouths that are serious…and when I say lucky I mean unlucky.  But what can you do, what can you do.

We really haven’t stopped moving on this educational tour.  This has created 21 exhausted obronis and at least one cranky obroni.  I suspect I’m not the only cranky obroni…but I’m REALLY cranky.  Not sad or depressed or even in a bad mood, just CRANKY.  Like right now at this juncture in my life ANYTHING ANYONE DOES has the power to annoy me.  Luckily I still manage to get it out in annoyed looks and funny comments, but I’ve been getting my ‘I only bite my nails when I’m about to kill someone’ stage on a lot today and it is not a good sign.  I think it’s just because I haven’t been alone in a room since…OH WAIT I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I’VE BEEN ALONE IN A ROOM.   It’s just hard to be with people 24/7 when it’s not exactly your choosing and you’ve been with the same people for 2 months.  I mean I’m sure I’d be fine with 20 of my best friends for this long, and I definitely have made a lot of friends in this group, but it just isn’t the same.

But yeah the past few days we have just been doing bunch of shit with no breaks.  The last day in the Volta Region we went back to the pottery place and pretty much sat for 4 hours while ladies who are good at pottery finished our pots.  People kept being like HOW ARE THEY SO GOOD AT THIS AND WHY CAN’T WE DO IT and I was like I mean they’re professionals who have been doing this their whole lives and we’re college students with no handiwork skills?  Then everyone disappeared for like two hours (or less…I don’t really know, time doesn’t exist here) and I read my book.  I’m reading The Prince of Tides and it is sooooo good I’m obsessed.  Thanks Mincks for recommending it to me!  This has also provided a welcome respite for me when I can’t handle being with the giant (loud) (so loud)group.  OMG whyyy do I have to pee all the time.

Also…I have several bones to pick with SIT.  Not like my directors here but SIT the corporation back in Brattleboro.  First off, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT 15,000 IS BEING SPENT ON THIS TRIP PLUS ROOM AND MOTHERFUCKIN BOARD.  I mean I don’t really have a personal financial affront to this considering that of that 15,000 dollars PLUS ROOM AND BOARD 3,700 is my money and 11,300 of it is Redlands money (PLUS ROOM AND BOARD), but it’s just the principle of the thing.  I know some of it is going to administrative things, but I have a really hard time believing that SIT paying homestay families in Australia the same amount of money as they pay our homestay families, that it costs the same for students in London to go to dinner as it costs us, and that they’re paying the staff in France what they are paying our staff.  (Our translators got paid 50 cedi for two weeks.  This was basically a full time job.) That would be one thing if the programs cost different amounts…but they don’t.  All the programs cost close to the same amount.  And yeah I’m not asking to stay at the Golden Tulip.  I’m just asking you to pay my staff more money so they can afford things like SHOES, pay my homestay families more money to have someone live in their home for two weeks, and make it so I don’t have to pay the majority of my transportation out of pocket.  Also, give us more than 550 cedi for our ISP when we’re paying for lodging, food, transportation, translation services, printing, gifts for our informants….the list goes on.  Herumph.  The second qualm I have is, there should be an American on staff here.  I LOVE the Ghanaian staff, don’t  get me wrong, but 21 American students need a liaison who has lived our background.  I’m not asking them to run the program, it would just be nice if they were here for certain um, cultural barriers.  My current favorite example is this.

Lately we’ve been leaving for our shit we do at the asscrack of dawn, like 10 minutes after breakfast ends.  We complain about this to no end because…EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHIT AFTER BREAKFAST.  Ten minutes is not enough time for 21 kids with fucked up digestive systems to go to the bathroom.  Our Ghanaian staff do not understand this fact.   They say, shit before breakfast.  WE DO.  When you are not born into this food, you not only poop all day, but you feel like you’re going to die for a good half hour afterwards, and going on a rocky bus does NOT help that one bit.  But they don’t get it.  A nice calm queasy stomached American would smooth all this over right quick.  Slash it would be nice to have someone around to give us all those motivational speeches that Americans love so much – I would KILL to have someone here telling me things like “This will all be worth it in the end, trust the process, blah blah blah” instead of having to tell myself these things.  My mental voice does not have the same calming effect.

Um I feel like I have actual events to report on but mostly I’m just fucking tired from being out from 7:45 AM till 5:45 PM every day.  We had a ‘kente workshop’ today, then OH THIS WAS COOL

We went to the Togo/Ghana border and I got to fulfill my lifelong (shh) dream of putting a toe in Togo!  Borders are funny, what are they anyway?  Then we got lunch and waded in the ocean (I don’t know how we got to the ocean geography is confusing) and got new flavors of Fan products (this is the ice cream in a bag) before heading on more hour long rides to another dance performance.  We go to a lot of these but it was entertaining and fun.  A girl on my program has actually worked with that dance program in America so she actually saw a guy that she knows there, like an obroni who is studying there for this semester, and I ALMOST DIED OF JEALOUSY.  Seeing someone freak out about seeing someone they know just made me think of how batshit insane I would go if I saw any of my friends here….bahhh.

Um so okay it takes 2P93855 YEARS to do anything on the internet so even though this is a shitty blog post um sucks to suck.  I’ll be better later when the internet doesn’t TRY TO MURDER ME.


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