things unrelated to Ghana #1: 500 days, speeches i love, and…


I will begin with a treatise on my third favorite movie, five hundred days of summer.  I know I’m in Africa, yada yada, but I’m packing while drinking leftover palm wine in my tiny room in cape coast, so I deserve to put on my third favorite movie and be happy about it.  So anyway, all of you know how much I love this movie.  How I watched it literally every night last November.  How it makes me happy because a male is finally getting shit on and being sad about it because of a female.  How I use it in argument and then PFT when people pretend to be Tom.  I. Love. This. Movie.  But watching it right now is making me realize something that I never thought of before.  I was always like fuck summers, love toms.  I am tom.  Tom for life. Yeah man.  Summer sucks.  But I kind of think that everyone is sometimes the summer and everyone is sometimes the Tom.   Yes, I think I will always empathize more with the Tom and that is probably the point of the movie, but sometimes, someone probably really likes you and you’re just like well yeah if you like me that much I’ll hang out with you but you aren’t that into it.  (granted, this has never happened to me, but I’m sure that it has happened to many people.)  And yes sometimes people in that situation don’t act as as good human beings as they should, but hey, both situations are hard.  And what I’m really getting at here is that the tom perspective is kind of flawed too.  Like really you can’t think that someone is your soulmate until you are with them!  You can’t just decide who you want to be with and then be like okay that’s what I’m going to do without their input.  I’m sure that we all have been guilty of this on many an occasion.  You create this whole reality in your head but really that person has a head too and if you plan out all this shit before you even go on a date with them, then something will always go wrong.  Like, you can’t just decide you are going to date someone because they seem perfect for you a la Tom, it has to happen organically.  I mean all this is really based on me watching 500 days over and over, I clearly have no experience in the area, but I feel like it is on the path to correctness. Ah, life.

Next come my favorite TV speeches.  Clearly another really important topic.  But you know everyone is entitled to an opinion and all the people who have so called the best opinions probably do not watch my shows.  Anyway.

Cameron’s “I was in love with you” speech to house:

“I was in love with you.  I was an idiot.  Tried to be like you, tried to understand you, because I thought I could heal you.  You almost killed that patient.  You knew the diagnosis a long time ago. You risked another patient’s life to bait your old team.  You did kill Dibala…by playing god and teaching us to do the same.  You don’t even think of them as people.  They’re just lab rats for your little puzzles.  Motives do matter, lives can’t come second.  All you care about is that Taub and Thirteen fell for your game.  You poisoned them just like you poisoned Chase.  You ruined him, so he can’t even see right from wrong.  Can’t even see the sanctity of a human life anymore.  I loved you, and I loved Chase.  I’m sorry for you both.  For what you’ve become, because there’s no way back for either of you.”

Okay a lot of it after the first two or three sentences is actually in diologue with House but whatever.  We all know that I really care about the I was in love with you part.

Rachel’s goodbye speech to Ross

Topanga’s “because I was mad at you not because I stopped loving you” speech to Cory

Any angela speech to shawn EVER

I don’t have those on my computer so I can’t transcribe the speeches directly (WHAT?!  I didn’t do that with the House speech!) but if you miss me THAAAT much I’m sure you could find them all on YouTube.


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