things unrelated to Ghana mostly but some not #2: mostly embarassing camp loving


Okay People I’m not going to lie…I don’t necessarily have a lot of necessary relevant things to say about Africa.  But hey, I got a lot of emails today, we were at the hotel bar for a long time…I have a lot of necessary things to say about LIFE.  Okay, I was thinking of these in the shower while I washed my underwear (it took a REALLY long time, welcome to Africa) and I had a fewseveral different topics.  One was relating to how even though I don’t believe in god I believe in decisions that are somehow meant to be therefore I was going to write about Redlands, or then there was when I was going to write again about great decisions that you do not know you are making and therefore be writing a musically themed entry about Hoofbeat, (I mean hey it’s been like TWELVE years of course I have some songs…) and anyway I just have a lot of things to say about those things and also some other things.

First, isn’t it cool that us kids that grew up in America learned how to type?  That is SO cool.  Wow.

So, then…how can you know when you are a young age like say seven that the things you are doing will greatly massively affect your life later and how can you know the attachment you will create?   Sometimes I think about Hoofbeat and I just…god, I (this passage has been removed for postage of words on a public forum that anyone can read)

None of it. I don’t hate any of it. I wish every last word I just said (didn’t say since I’m on the internet) were true, but I don’t hate any of it.  I love every last bit of it.  I love it.  And no matter how much shit I talk or how smart I sound, I will always  be a product of that 50 acres of Mazomanie. I will.  I’ve done many things and so many people  have affected me over the past 20 years, but Hoofbeat created Becca.  There is literally nothing in my life that I can’t trace back to Hoofbeat.  Some things were created out of [things that upset me]…but caused by Hoofbeat they were all the same.  Redlands, Africa, Art, hey guys…

(insert where I actually typed all the lyrics of And So it Goes by Billy Joel but then realized how embarrassing this is)

I mean I know this song is about a person.  But Hoofbeat was my longest term relationship.  That is a joke, but at the same time…I don’t know how to explain how I feel about it.  And you feel a certain debt to something that you know made your life. “You made my life, but I’m just a chapter in yours” – PS I love You.  I mean that goes for neither party since I am only 20 and by no means on the verge of dying, I mean I’m like one of four people in my group in GHANA that haven’t gotten sick yet, clearly I have an immune system of steel….) but also that is not for HB because that is a long running camp and I am only one small girl. Oy ve, how do you figure that shit out.  But see, I SAW that movie with my camp friends. EVERYTHING GOES BACK….

Okay I could go on for hours because  I have an…not going to say it..but I am…83 song playlist about Hoofbeat.  My life really is an embarrassment.  Okay.  Other things.

This educational tour is The.  Shit.  This is the life.  Traveling to different cities in Ghana, seeing what they have to offer, then moving to other places and repeat?  Life is so good!  And also, don’t you guilt trip me for staying in hotels for like two weeks, A.) they are African hotels, and if you think you know what that means…come to Africa, and B.) you try living in three different homestays for six weeks and tell me how you feel.  I don’t know why I picked the hard thing but I like it.  We are now in the Volta region and this place is also quite cool.  It is no Cape Coast but what is.  Today we spent all morning making pottery.  I am really incredibly  bad at this.  I know that people think that since I do art I am magically amazing at all types of art, but this is a lie.  I am a semi-talented drawer and painter because of Robert “No Respect” Elland and Ben “I’m in Love with You” Bridgers (speaking of things that I shouldn’t be posting on the public internet, but if you can’t even answer my emails about my FUTURE IN ART then clearly you won’t be taking time to read this blog)  but I am by no means a master of all types of art.  AKA I made a semi pitcher slash pouring slash falling apart slash bowl slash pot slash cup slash it looks like poop.  But as I have learned in art I am okay with this.  I would have never survived in all my art times if I hadn’t been okay with failure!

Also every hotel we stay in has a bar.  So therefore life is good.  Also why is Taylor Swift on this playlist.  I may cry.

I have decided to keep with my plan of working with Kofi AKA (every man in Ghana…names are SHARED) aka ArtHaus Man because hey that is was my plan and I talked to Yemi and he was like “If you work with Kofi you will have WORK TO DO THINGS TO DO ALL THE TIME AND HE ONLY TAKES HARD WORKERS” which contrary to popular belief is actually good beacause I want to have a LOT OF SHIT to do during my ISP because or else I will worry about irrelevant topics and I just want to be involved in ze life.  I may spent a week or so in Cape Coast because I want to get the alternative perpsectiv e on seelin art to touristsadn being in a differect occeony and (I want to be on the beah.  Shshh.)


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