on the 8th day before I go home Ghana gave to me, 8 fights with taxi drivers…

I have been the worst at posting lately.  But also sometimes I write things and then get distracted.  Not that I can post any of those things because A.) I forgot my converter so I’m on a lab computer and B.) even if I had my converter my netbook won’t connect to the network.  #ghanaproblems.  But I’m over all the problems because I go home in 8 days!  Yipee!  Well not all the problems, because my favorite little child the ISproblem is still not done.  It’s close.  It’s a million pages.  And by that I mean about 70, but the minimum is thirty so that’s basically a million.  Why do I do this to myself?!  I just have to add in some more research and make it suck less and finish it, but still.  I was so much better at working on it last weekend when I stayed in my room and had no internet.  Now I’ve been here for almost three hours and done very few things.  Oh well, story of my life.  But I got to talk to Natasha and Kalehua and Victoria and lots of other folks who luckily were on facebook chat so it is okay.

So let’s see.  What has happened since I last posted, or what has happened while here ever that I never posted about.  Mostly I mean during the ISP because I was really good before then.

Oh I have exciting news!  I am no longer stressed about money because I found 200 American dollars that I never changed into cedi!  So that will be like more than 250 cedi, at least, and I am saved!  I can continue to buy presents for my goblins and such and not be paranoid about taxis!  Well I guess I still shouldn’t take so many taxis, in my glory yesterday after finding the money I took a cab to Wiz’s house from Legon instead of partly tro tros and spent 10 cedi on it, and then same on the way back.  Oops.  But it was fine because on the way back the guy tried to charge me 15 cedi and I was just like no.  I got here for 10.  He tried to argue, and then I replied, “WHAT,  YOU THINK I JUST GOT OFF THE PLANE?  I KNOW YOU’RE RIPPING ME OFF!” (I mean 10 is also a rip off but its rounder and closer to not a rip off) and then he took the 10.  That was actually the first time I got to say that phrase (you think I just got off the plane) so it was exciting and I’m glad I got to say it before leaving.

I guess something that has happened since I last posted is Thanksgiving.  You’d think Thanksgiving in Ghana would be sad, but it was so much fun!  The girls that I am living with and I had everyone over to the place we are living in East Legon and had a Thanksgiving potluck!  We were worried that nobody would bring food, but then everyone brought a lot of food and it was just like Thanksgiving in America because I had a huge plate of food and couldn’t even finish it!  I made pasta with this yummy sauce and meatballs.  We also got chicken from Shoprite and Godwina made MacNCheese and Iman made mashed potatos and Cam made nachos and other people brought things too but those were the best.  They all tasted good and I am going to learn to cook nice appetizers on winter break I’ve decided because cooking is fun ish and I like food, appetizers the most.  It was just fun to have all the obronis together since we’ve been all spread out, and we just drank wine and cooked all day and made fake mimosas (no champagne in Ghana, nobody knows why, so we used sparkling wine and orange juice) and had a nice early dinner.  I sang the Thankfulness Song a la Hoofbeat, we all said what we are thankful for, we ate and were happy and it was merry.  Afterwards, full and happy, the non East Legon livers departed (people who do not live in East Legon.  not livers like the organ.  what is this.) and we just chilled …by which you probably think I mean I sat around talking about happiness and Ghana and Thankfulness with my roommates, but no, what I mean is I continued a Thanksgiving tradition that I developed with Kalehua last year in Hawaii and watched The Family Stone.  I don’t care what you say, that movie is brilliant.  I want to marry into that family.  But I would so be Claire Danes and not Sarah Jessica Parker, let’s be honest.  Actually I would probably be Rachel McAdams but she is already in the family so who knows.

I hate writing papers.  They always seem like they are going to be so good in my head but then I just have to write them and have to push it out and it is not as good.  And I mean good writing would be easier if everyone weren’t talking so much in this computer lab.  But no that is mostly a separate annoyance, it is not anyone else’s fault that I cannot distinguish noises so I can’t concentrate when there is noise.

I realized something the other day.  I am really going to miss these ‘bronis!  I had a hard time adjusting to the group in the beginning, but honestly, I love this group so much now and I’m going to be sad to see us all split apart.  We’ve been through so much over the past few months and there are some things that nobody but us will ever understand.  I guess that is so with any study abroad group, but there are a few things that are pretty unique to us.  When I say this I am mostly referring to the fact that we can talk about every kind of bodily function with each other and not be at all phased.  I don’t know too much about digestive problems in other countries, but I feel like that one is pretty unique to us fools who chose to come to Africa.  (Is that also a problem in Asia?  or South America?  I don’t really know) Apart from that though I just feel like we’re a good group and I’ve gotten close with a lot of people that I probably never would have met otherwise.  Also, we always have fun together.  You know how at school if you think you’re going to go out but then just end up in someone’s room, people get moody?  Here we always just go to a bar or something with just each other, and we never expect more, and we ALWAYS have fun.  I’ve never had a bad night when we do this ‘going out’ thing.  We play fun games, such as the GREATEST GAME EVER, which I’m going to call ‘A Really Nice Colored Car.’

In this game, one person thinks of another person we all know.  Then everyone else asks them questions like “If this person were a Ghanaian dish, what would they be?”  “If this person were a US city, what would they be?”  “If this person were a holiday mascot, what would they be?”

wait have I already described this game?


Anyway, I’m gonna miss these obronis.  Our group in the end has just become cohesive and we can all hang out and we aren’t cliquey.  So nice!

Okay this has been open for a long time.  I am going to try to remember and write more later.  I love everyone who reads my blog!  Eight days till America!



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