surprise! your stomach is ruined. love, ghana

I noticed a few days ago that I have pretty much been sick since I left Ghana. I got sick my last week there, coughing sneezing cold type (YOU CAN GET A COLD IN AFRICA?!  #shutupillkillyou) and didn’t realize until a few days ago that the sickness I still have has basically been going on for four weeks or five.  I thought at home it was mostly dust/allergy related, but considering that I’m still coughing up phlegm…who knows.  Also, on a related but probably not the same illness note, I still have digestive problems.  I was good for a few days and thus was amazed and got cocky about it, and then the gods were like haha you suck so you are still going to shit a lot.  I hate you all.  I even got a test done and they said nothing was wrong.  Well, I can tell you, after eating nothing but soup for breakfast and then having to run to the bathroom…yes, something is still wrong.

I bet that you all (my readership, aka my mom) have really missed hearing me complaining about poop.  NOT.  Good thing nobody reads this so I can be as gross as I want.

More thoughts on being back from Ghana.  Well, sometimes I think about it, but most of the time I think about other things.  1. Watching Television 2. Procuring food 3.  Looking forward to school 4.  Being scared that school will not be as fun as I remember 5.  Sleeping.  Yep, that is pretty much it.  I suppose I will share the only exciting discoveries of my winter break.

There is a silver lining to my cloud of digestive horror, my pants fit again!  I think I have lost a little bit of extra banku weight from all the shitting.  I would still like to become a more acceptable size for my small build but since my pants fit I will take what I can get.

I went skiing last week with Lauren and Katie Gab at Devil’s Head to interrupt my winter break of seeing no one and doing nothing.  That was so much fun!  It reminded me of how great it is to have friends that make everything funny, aka all my friends because I only surround myself with entertaining people.   Anyway, we had lots of great jokes about it being doomsday and bridesmaids quotes (also prepare for that people, I have a document, it’s 8 pages long, it’ll be memorized by next week) and falling over at unnecessary moments.  It’s too bad somewhere cough lost such a golden generation of individuals.

I also rekindled my love for winter sports which was easy when it was like 40 degrees outside.  I will probably be wanting to ski in California once in a while when I’m not bogged down by required classes (cough) or my inability to wake up in the morning.  Oh another update, my ability to wake up early that I had for a brief while in Ghana has already disappeared.  Oh well, nothing can be done.

I have been reading a fair amount on break, I suppose The Hunger Games was pretty good but I think that people need to stop hyping up books because they are never as good as people tell me they are.  Except if you are reading this and considering reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, I DO NOT EXAGGERATE.  YOU WILL LOVE IT.  TRENT WHO IS A BOY LOVED IT.  Anyway I liked that but it was kind of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo syndrome where you’re like I mean yeah I obviously like this book but come on for how hard you made it out to be for district 12 to win everyone else seemed to die PREEETTTY fast.  And what if I wrote a book called The Girl with the Georgia O’Keefe Tattoo that is NOT a vagina?  I mean…

Well, all in all I’m very excited to go back to Redlands.  I have missed it so and it is weird that now it is almost here.  I waited so long.  And some people would probably say that went by fast, but you know what?  It didn’t.  It did NOT go by fast at all.  Teaching riding lessons in 100 degree heat, dealing with the worst children ever, seven weeks of doing nothing but looking at different models of rolling duffel bags and mosquito nets, and then three and a half months of banku, boring lectures, long bus rides, not my cell phone, never being up later than 11 or maybe midnight at the very latest, that did not go by fast.  I mean lots of great things happened in those seven months too, but I’d say the only period of time that went by fast is when I was staying in my own cute room with its balcony at the hotel in Cape Coast.  Of all the things in the world that are known for passing quickly, spending 3 hours per day on tro tros is just not one of them.

But now I sound all negative.  And I am not.  I miss Ghana a lot sometimes.  I try not to think about it because of that reason, but it’s true.  I mostly am just sad about the people that I may never see again.  Here I am living the cushiest of lives but everything there is just the same.  It’s hard to believe that it was a real thing.  And it’s still hot there which I can’t really wrap my head around.  But soon I will be back at my village, the village of Johnston, and then it will all be great.

I am also thinking of starting a blog, potentially called All of the Plights (play on words of my favorite song, obvs) so tell me your thoughts if you are a person and you actually read this blog.  Which is doubtful.


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  1. Becca, When we went to Africa, it was fairly common that people came home with some weird health stuff. It’s worth checking out before you go back to school. If it’s stomach/gut stuff, at least consider getting checked here in Madison where there are specialists who understand infectious diseases. Not wanting to scare you but there are infections that can cycle.

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